Reimagine how content can serve your brand through...

✎ A la carte pricing (no contractual obligations or retainer mandates)
✎ Flexible packages and payments
✎ 10+ years of content marketing expertise
✎ Collaborative, client-centric process
✎ One-of-a-kind experiences that build trusting, lasting relationships
✎ Established industry ties and connections with high-profile publications 

We challenge the traditional agency model by prioritizing client autonomy, transparency, and personalization:

Powerhouse writing with A uniquely personal touch


Jody Gilliam

"Allison is much more than a source for great content, she's a true thought leader. Her library of expertise and intimate industry knowledge consistently helps me create publications that are relevant to our target audience, timely with the latest research, and differentiated - introducing unique points of view and use cases. She's a constant value-add." 

Allison is much more than a source for great content...

In a world where customer experiences matter most, content is elevated beyond advertising to relationships and writers are elevated beyond workers to creators who can connect and master brand nuances.  

Creating high caliber content since 2016

B2B Content Marketing and
Brand Consulting 

Allison Boccamazzo

Founder and CEO, AB Content Marketing

Named one of 2023’s top entrepreneurs to watch by “LA Weekly,” Allison Boccamazzo is a content connoisseur, speaker, and author of "The Everyday Woman's Guide to Entrepreneurship." Her writing prowess, agency roots, and brand intuition create a perfect trifecta that fuels the content strategies of companies worldwide. She's all about effortlessly navigating challenges, creating new client opportunities, and making a fast impact with the power of words. 

The Brains Behind the Content 

Former Head of Employee Engagement

Kellie Walenciak

"Allison and I clicked immediately. She's a phenomenal writer with an incredibly enthusiastic and thoughtful personality. She can interact brilliantly with people at every level of business. When she shares a blog with me for review, I'm always amazed by how little it needs to be edited (as a writer myself, I am all too used to rewrites!) She captures the voices of our execs perfectly and has a very strong tech background, which means her work is completed in record time. Allison is amazing at what she does and always exceeds my very high expectations."

She can interact brilliantly with people at every level of business.

Servion Global Solutions

Laurent Philonenko

Allison has exceeded my expectations in creativity, productivity, and timeliness

"Allison has exceeded my expectations in creativity, productivity, and timeliness while being very knowledgeable and responsive. She is very good at qualifying the needs for a particular piece of content, does her research, and delivers a great product. Her blogs and white papers have increased our clickthrough rate and engagement rates in our social handles by 50%. She just gets it, and gets it done!"

Personal and professional growth require an environment in which we can freely experiment, loftily dream, and securely course correct. "The Everyday Woman's Guide to Entrepreneurship" is a simple, effective guide to becoming your own boss and allowing your passions to drive your future. Experience Allison's journey to becoming a six-figure business owner with personal insights and recommendations. Dozens of 5-star reviewers recommend! 

become your own boss and allow your passions to drive your future

A love letter to female entrepreneurs